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Contrasting Colors in your Gardens

Contrasting, rather than complementary colors make a bigger impact in your garden. Most people tend to opt for complementing colors when choosing plants. I always tell my clients remember, you are not wearing the plants when I advise them to use  contrasting colors, they do not have to match!

Choose colours opposite (not next to) each other on the colour wheel:

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

Try some new contrasting combinations in your garden and create some drama. Be sure to send me pictures of your combinations.

Remember, forget the matchy-matchy look, you are not wearing the plants!


2 thoughts on “Contrasting Colors in your Gardens

  1. It’s nice to receive this encouragement not to go for matching outfits in the garden, Lori! 🙂 I like color so much that I tend towards a lot of variety, but at times my eye is drawn towards a garden where one or two colors are so predominant that they stand out, and I wonder at my own taste and style. I’ll stick to what I know…lots of color. Thank you for that!

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