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the gift of time

Reading all of the tributes on social media for Father’s day, I got to thinking how fathers have evolved over the years.  Not that my father didn’t love me, I just don’t think it was acceptable for men to show their soft, emotional sides.  The dads went to work to support the family financially; the moms stayed home to look after the kids emotionally, mentally and physically.  Families were much larger back then too (mine had 6 kids in 8 years) so neither parent had many opportunities for quality one on one time with a child.

When my children were babies, it was just starting to become “cool” for dads to push baby strollers and take paternity leave.  Today fathers are much more involved in their child(ren)s day to day lives.  Attending school functions and sporting events, often even coaching their child’s sports teams.

I think this evolution benefits both the kids and the fathers, not to mentions the wives/partners and mothers.  After all, what is more attractive to a woman than a man that takes the time to enjoy and relate to his kids?  It’s right up there with a man doing housework!

Update: I am so proud of my two oldest son’s who have become wonderful, hands-on fathers with five children between them…

2 thoughts on “Today’s fathers

  1. smiling!

    Enjoyed readin this! : )

    Yeah! bcoZ time keeps changing!
    Todays fathers are more caring and supporting!

    : )

    My dad is my superhero as well!

    good day

  2. Nice post, thanks! Mothers and fathers are important! It is good that we have special days for them. I have been blessed to have had great parents and I hope I am following their example to be a good parent to my own (two) children. So, why is it, that it is usually the father that does the washing up? Just one of those stereotypes I guess, like carving the Sunday meat joint and cutting the grass and cleaning the car on Sunday afternoon. If only us men knew how to put the toilet seat down and leave the toilet clean after using it! That is a super skill that takes most men years to get to grips with! Other than that though, what is not to like! LOL! Best wishes 🙂

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