Bunnies: Beware of Disturbing Them When Gardening!

While weeding a large garden last week, my son and I came across a burrow of bunnies.  Fortunately, I was on my hands and knees, pulling weeds out from around the base of a lilac tree when I saw something move in the dirt, otherwise, I might have accidentally hurt the four or five tiny bunnies tucked into a hole (burrow) at the base of the tree.  They were only a few inches long, with no hair.  The only way I could tell they were rabbits was by their long feet and the shape of their ears…

As soon as I (accidentally) touched their hiding spot, they started to scramble around…


Within a few moments though, the clumps of fur were back on top of the burrow, hiding them from sight.  I put some weeds back in place around them to protect them from predators, as well as hot sun or drenching rain…

My son wanted to take them home, but I convinced him that they still needed their mother.  He googled some information and discovered that the mother rabbit will return to check on them and feed them every 24 hours by standing over the burrow.  Perhaps they were scrambling for the top of the hole when I disturbed them, thinking I was their mother returning for a feeding!

My client promised to keep an eye on the bunnies; I am curious to see how long it takes for them to become independent.  

Perhaps I can put them to work helping me keep the weeds down LOL.


5 thoughts on “Bunnies: Beware of Disturbing Them When Gardening!

  1. They’re so cute, even in the early stages when they look like little pink erasers. I’m glad you saw them and offered them more protection!

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