Safety glasses for gardening

Today while gardening, I stopped to shed a sweater as it got warmer.  To do so, I removed my safety sunglasses.  After removing my sweater, I slammed the door to the trunk of my van, forgetting to replace the sunglasses on my head first.   As I had left them on the bumper of the van, they flew across the yard and a few swear words flew out of my mouth…


The good news is, as they are incredibly durable, they did not shatter as I feared they would.  One lens popped out, but other than that, they were no worse for wear, not even scratched!   I was easily able to put the lens back in…


I would not recommend testing your glasses this way, but I was impressed.  My safety sunglasses survived an incredible safety test.  I have no doubt that they would protect my eyes from a flying object other than the glasses themselves!

The glasses were purchased at OTTAWA FASTENER SUPPLY INC    I found them while wandering through the store as my husband shopped for a tool he needed for a project.  As they were inexpensive and  fashionable,  I tried them on.  I loved the fact that they cover the sides of my eyes and that the nose grip prevents them from falling off when I bend over.  I decided they would be perfect to wear while gardening…

Good decision!


3 thoughts on “Safety glasses for gardening

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    I manage to break or destroy at least one thing every time I garden. I stopped gardening and just mow everything now… 🙂 -OM
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  2. Having once spent several hours in an emergency room due to taking a small pebble, propelled by a weed trimmer, in the left eye, I second your recommendation for good eye protection. My rationale at that time was, “hey, it’s only soft grass and the safety glasses are way over yonder in the tool shed.” No permanent damage and lesson learned.

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