April is cancer awareness month

Even though cancer is insidious and affects many of us throughout the whole year, April is designated as cancer awareness month here in Canada.  Since my mother and mother-in-law died of cancer in the mid-90s, I have done my part to raise awareness and money for cancer research by canvassing my neighbourhood each April.  My neighbours are so used to me knocking at their doors every April that many of them have the cheque prepared before I get there.  This is a good indicator of just how many people are affected and threatened by cancer.   Although I also get to chat with my neighbours, the fact that cancer is such a huge enemy to us all and needs to be conquered makes my annual trek through the neighbourhood most rewarding.

Canvassing neighbourhoods is just one of the many ways to raise awareness and money for cancer research.  Online donations are accepted around the world.  You can donate as an individual or a corporation, for yourself or in memory of a loved one.  You will receive a charitable receipt making your donations tax deductible. Donations can be one time, or recurring, arranged as monthly deductions from your account.  You can also bequeath a donation in your will.     Here are a few links to facilitate your donation:

Canadian Cancer Society    fights all cancers in Canada

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation  fighting breast cancer in Canada

St Judes  fights childhood cancers

Alberta cancer society   money goes to cancer research, prevention and screening in Alberta

UK Cancer Research   fundraising to beat all cancers in the UK

American Cancer Society   fighting all cancers in the USA

National Breast Cancer  fighting breast cancer in the USA

Australian Cancer Research Foundation  fighting all cancers in Australia




As well as the many charitable organizations to donate money to, there are numerous charitable events you can attend or support to raise both awareness and money for cancer. Donating your time is as valuable as donating your money.

you can WALK:  in the REXAL ONE WALK TO CONQUER CANCER in support of the                                                Princess Margaret Cancer Center,

or the LIGHT THE NIGHT WALK in support of the Leukemia and                                                   Lymphoma Society of Canada.  This takes place in 11 cities throughout                                         Canada including  Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Halifax  in Nova Scotia,                             Montreal and Quebec City in Quebec, Winnipeg in Manitoba, Saskatoon in                                 Saskatchewan, Vancouver in British Columbia, and London, Toronto and                                     Ottawa in Ontario.

One of my personal favourites is the 5th annual curling bonspiel entitled  ENDS for an END to CANCER .  My son and his fiancèe are involved in this fundraiser at the Richmond Curling Club, their home club here in the Ottawa area.  Although I do not participate in the curling at this event, I do donate a gift certificate from my gardening company for the silent auction, one of the  many ways they are raising money to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation…


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Please donate money, time or support  to any charity or charitable event supporting cancer research, treatments and care for its victims.  This April or any other month of the year; together we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

3 thoughts on “April is cancer awareness month

  1. It’s wonderful that you are trying to raise awareness through your blog Lorie. Having spent the past 5 years studying the causes and consequences of cancer and investing my time in understanding the molecular mechanisms that we could probably exploit in order to cure this disease, I have only reached the conclusion that this disease is always one step ahead of us and at least as of today, we don’t have the means to outdo it. However, we must not give up…We have to keep probing and keep looking at it from different perspectives to try and find a cure! Thanks Lorie, for once again attracting my attention to something important.

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