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Power naps

Research has shown that naps are beneficial for boosting energy, increasing creativity and even improving short term memory.  Parents know children that nap during the day can maintain better behaviour and energy levels until bed time at night.  Apparently adults can benefit from naps too; the question is how long should adults nap for maximum productivity…


lorieb 3


This diagram suggests that a mere 20-minute nap can boost energy levels without feeling groggy upon waking.   After 30 minutes grogginess is a factor when waking up.  At one hour grogginess is reduced but short term memory can improve.  One hour and thirty minutes of sleep allow for a full REM (rapid eye movement) cycle,  and improved creativity upon waking.

To sum it up, it appears that a 20 minutes power nap is the way to go for adults.  Almost everyone, including me, should be able to fit twenty minutes into their day. Children, on the other hand, probably benefit more from a minimum of 90 minutes of napping.   Parents probably benefit most from their children taking longer naps too, creating a win-win situation.

Humans and animals can nap just about anywhere as depicted by these pictures…

pictures from Google Search, labelled for reuse

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15 thoughts on “Power naps

  1. Hi Lorie, nice post again. I was wondering what your opinion is on the alternate school of thought that says that naps are a sign of laziness and lack of enough energy? I’m just wondering if your search said anything on this issue.

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    1. no, I did not see anything about that, think it is an old wives tale. Sleep is good for you. I guess it would be a problem if you slept/napped all day and got nothing productive done

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  2. this is really interesting! I’ve never been a big nap fan because I always feel worse, and more groggy, afterward. I have heard that 20 minutes is the ideal nap time, but never tried it until recently because that seemed pointless as it was too short a sleep. But I finally gave it a try not too long ago and set my alarm, and it worked! First time I didn’t feel worse after a nap, so I may just become an avid napper after all 😀

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  3. I dunno…I really like the idea of that 1.5 hour nap! 🙂

    Found you again on HarsH ReaLiTy and realized I never followed you (weird…thought I had…). THAT problem is solved. 🙂


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