Digging out from record snowfall in Ottawa

We Canadians do like to talk about our weather, and we certainly have had lots of inspiration in the past 24 hours.  Today in Ottawa we are digging out from the record-breaking snowfall that hit us yesterday.  We got dumped with 50 cm (or 20 inches) of the white stuff, all within 12 hours…



I live in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata, where our sidewalks, crosswalks, and even some roads are not a top priority for snow plows. Cars were buried, buses were stuck and stranded,  sidewalks, crosswalks and even lanes on the major highway through the city just disappeared…


Fortunately, the falling snow was light and fluffy, just lots of it. Shoveling was easy work, it just required several attempts over the span of the day.  In our yards and on our decks, fixtures like BBQs, hot tubs, and patio furniture are all buried, probably will be for a while. Even the rabbit that lives under our spruce tree has extra insulation on his home…


Well, my driveway is clear, but  guess what?  It’s snowing again!…


That darned groundhog that supposedly predicted an early spring is probably hiding  underneath all of the snow, laughing at us.

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5 thoughts on “Digging out from record snowfall in Ottawa

  1. I know, it was pretty crazy wasn’t it? We definitely broke the record for this amount since 1947. Crazy! But I guess since we’ve had a relatively dry and warmer winter so far, it was bound to happen eventually. What makes it worse is that Montreal only got 10 and Toronto got about 5…it aimed straight toward us 😀 I work outside so it was a bit of a tough, extra soaked kinda day. I was glad it was over by the evening and we could finally shovel out from it. Many of the sidewalks even downtown aren’t plowed yet. I saw a few people walking down fifth avenue in the Glebe in the middle of the road, that’s a lawsuit for the city if someone gets run over. Pretty scary.
    Love all your pictures from the storm!

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of snow. Having grown up in different parts of India, I have barely had to worry about snow. Our winters are cold (maybe just pleasant for you!) but it never snows in most parts of this country. While we might miss out on some fun because of that, I don’t quite miss snow after reading what it can potentially do! 😀

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