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Do you have snow tires on your vehicle?

Do you have snow tires on your vehicle?  If you do not and happen to live in Eastern Ontario, you are in trouble today and will be wishing you did. These pictures were taken when I went out to shovel my driveway for the second time today…


Luckily for the several cars stuck on our street, a few people were home shoveling, able and willing to perform some RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS to help move the cars out to the nearest plowed road.   That last post was very timely; as the snow is showing no signs of letting up, I have a sneaking suspicion lots of RAKs will be happening in our neighborhood today.

I think the province of Quebec has it right on this issue; snow tires should be mandatory in this and many other regions of Canada and the USA.


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4 thoughts on “Do you have snow tires on your vehicle?

      1. Yikes!! I haven’t ever seen 16 inches of snow. I can’t image it. We were just out of school for 2 days because of possible black ice. I saw about 3 flakes of snow and a little sleet. I think the most snow I have ever seen was 8 inches.

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