Stargazing, There’s an App for That


Stargazing at a bonfire on the beach in Corpus Christi Texas recently, I discovered there is an app for identifying stars and constellations in the sky.  A friend of my niece showed me how his phone could pick out and label the constellations just by holding his phone up to the star-lit sky…

I am not sure what app or type of phone he was using that night, but I found this free app SKY VIEW for iPhones, Ipads, or Ipods.  Very cool, as I love stargazing.  For the best viewing, be sure to go somewhere where light pollution does not interfere with the viewing of the stars.

Stargazing is something we are able to do at our cottage where the night sky is pitch dark and it feels like you can reach up and touch the stars in the velvety sky.

Let me know if you download such an app and how it works for you. Stargazing has never been so easy.

3 thoughts on “Stargazing, There’s an App for That

  1. Yes… An app for stargazing!! I couldn’t believe it either when I first heard about it… I thought it was pretty cool too. But how it compares to the old school way of hearing about constellations from your father is something I’m doubtful about… E-bonding may not be the thing for me but we really can’t run away from that either!!!
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