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Decorating the Christmas tree always makes me nostalgic

Decorating the Christmas tree always makes me nostalgic, bringing back memories of past Christmases and the loved ones we shared them with. Especially poignant are the decorations made or cherished by loved ones that are no longer with us.

Due to my husband’s allergies, I had to settle for an artificial tree years ago when we first began celebrating Christmas together.  As a compromise, we purchased the most beautiful, real looking tree we could find.  It is a six foot, realistic looking, blue spruce version, still going strong 26 years later.

The lights have been changed/updated a few times, but the decorations we have collected over the years are irreplaceable….

handmade by the kids:


handmade by friends & family:


cherished by my parents:

(the only time you will see me advertise for the Toronto Maple Leafs is in reference to my father)


unbreakable, kid-proof favourites:


gifted from a dear friend:

the three angels (far right) came after the birth of my third son


light reflectors:


and to top off the tree, a white dove to reflect my wish for peace on earth, so significant with all the unease in the world today:




Merry Christmas; wishing you all peace, health and happiness in 2016 and always!


4 thoughts on “Decorating the Christmas tree always makes me nostalgic

  1. Ah, decorating the tree brings back so many warm family memories. Your decorations are spectacular. I am a New York Tangers fan, but I love the Toronto Maple Leafs boot. Thanks for sharing this post. IT brought back sweet memories of my own. I love this time of year. Have a great holiday season.

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