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What’s with this headache?

I went to bed with a headache two nights ago and haven’t been able to get rid of it since.  Yesterday I woke up with it and it lasted all day, so last night I went to bed with the same headache and again woke up with it this morning.  Yesterday I broke down and took 2 advil (ibuprofen) and 1 tylenol extra strength (acetaminophen).  Not all at the same time, but over the span of the day, with no relief.  I am not usually a fan of medications, any kind of medication upsets my stomach and makes me jittery, but sometimes I am desperate. This morning I took yet another advil as soon as I got up so another day would not be wasted.

I’m not sure when a headache becomes a migraineor if a headache can become a migraine, or whether migraines are separate things from headaches. I am not experiencing an “aura” as described in the migraine definition, but have been extra sensitive to loud noise and light.

After reading this article about the five types of headaches, I believe I have a tension headache.  My headache is not throbbing, just the back of my head hurts close to the top of my neck.  Apparently the best treatment is ibuprofen or acetaminophen, so I should feel better soon.  I have been out using my new garden toy for the past two days, enjoying this awesome weather we have been experiencing; sure hope the leaf blower/mulcher is not the culprit!

Upon finishing this article and a cup of coffee, the headache has subsided enough for me to think about getting out to another garden…

10 thoughts on “What’s with this headache?

  1. Well my Gran’s remedy for a headache is crushing Mentha leaves with your hand (one or two green leaves) and rubbing them to your forehead area. Hope this helps the next time you have a headache 🙂 and happy gardening

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      1. Let me know how it works for you. I was surprised at all the improvements I felt after starting the magnesium. I take on average 10 different supplements each day. Several of those have magnesium in them, but apparently it’s not enough. My neurologist never said how much to take, so I’ve played around with different amounts after researching it. I split the doses, taking 1 tab in the AM and 2 tabs at bedtime. That makes 750mg all together, plus the little extra that’s in the other supplements. I started out with 250mg and slowly worked my way up; I didn’t want to shock my system. I am going to do a blog on the downside of Mg. I see my family doctor tomorrow and will share with him all the changes. I’m curious to to see his response. I no longer need to use the CPAP which is the biggest plus as far as I’m concerned.

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  2. well, I think I’ve figured it out….I tried wearing ear plugs when mulching today. Even though I do not find the mulcher/blower noisy, I think the higher pitched sound was causing the headaches.


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