First snow of the season in Ottawa, Ontario area

Yesterday, as we drove from Ottawa to our cottage In Ompah, Ontario we hit several snow squalls.  We drove through sunny skies and storm clouds and snow squalls.  The first squall hit us in Carleton Place…

When we reached the cottage, the lawn and trees were snow covered and the island offshore was barely visible…

9 10

then, a mere ten minutes later, the sun was out again…

11 IMG1615

The ride home was uneventful.


4 thoughts on “First snow of the season in Ottawa, Ontario area

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    Gorgeous scenery. There are aspects of snow that I love–crispness in the air, beauty of the pristine whiteness, tasting the cold flakes on the tip of my tongue; but I’m thankful to be living in the south now where snow is a rarity.

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