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Lighting up the world, with Edison’s bulb.

This post about Thomas Edison is very inspirational!


Hello there, well after some poetic and story blogs its time for the scientists inside to make way for his words,
This post is a tribute to a great scientist, entrepreneur, investor, industrialist.

Its 18th October. Death anniversary of legendary inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
My role model ( haha i have many in every field).
Started working to sell newspapers at age of 12.
Struggle all through his life to achieve whatever he had in front of his name today.
1093 US patents.
2332 worldwide patents.
Founder Owener of General Electric.


Well his all success and glory u can find it on web but what made a small poor child to a greatest inventor of world?

I heard a small story about it.
Hope you like it,

One day Thomas Edison came home
and gave a paper to his mother. He
told her, “My teacher gave this paper

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