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The advantages of deadheading perennials

Deadheading perennials in your garden involves removing spent flower heads.  You can either pinch the flower heads off between your finger and thumb, or cut them off with clippers.  Sometimes, especially when flower heads are small, (coreopsis for example) you can shear off the flower heads with shearers.  If roses flower in clusters, snip off the whole stem of the cluster.  If they flower singly, snip off just the flower head.

Whichever way you do it, deadheading has its advantages.  It makes your garden look tidier, prevents plants from reseeding themselves and sometimes promotes reblooming.  I have had several reblooms on my coreopsis, roses, salvias, coneflowers and widows tears this season.

Learn how to deadhead your perennials to extend their flowering season.

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