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Spectacular coleus for your gardens

These pictures of various coleus plants were taken in a client’s garden.  They were planted to fill in bare spots between perennials and are quite striking at this time of year, brightening up shady spots in gardens.  Their leaves look like red velvet with splashes of green  The coleus are annuals that will die off when frost hits so new ones must be planted each season.  Coleus prefer shade, but will tolerate some, but not full sun.

I do not usually plant annuals to my gardens each season, preferring to use them in containers only.  After seeing the display these coleus put on each season however, I decided to try some in my garden this season.  They do not look as beautiful as these ones do, but are still nice pops of colour in my garden.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

3 thoughts on “Spectacular coleus for your gardens

  1. They look so stunning and great for those hard to manage shady spots.
    Just try and get my ball-chasing dog to chase a stick…there’s no way! That said the old dog has welcomed our new dog Lady into the house…eventually and has been out in a kayak and sailing a few times so he’s not impervious to new experiences xx Rowena

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