Wild mushrooms, edible or poisonous?

I have discovered several species of mushrooms at our cottage in Ontario, Canada and am wondering if any are edible.  They range in color from very white, to almost white, to white with blue, brown and black tinges, to beige, to golden brown, to orange, to blood red.  They range in size from very tiny, less than 1 inch to up to 5 inches.  They vary in shape from perfectly round and symmetrical to lumpy and bumpy.  They range in texture from smooth to necrotic looking…

Most of the websites I have checked out are not very specific with lots of disclaimers.  I would appreciate feedback from any experts out there…


2 thoughts on “Wild mushrooms, edible or poisonous?

  1. My non-expert advice is run screaming! Mushrooms and toadstools seem to run the gamut from “tasty in a salad” to “makes your head explode.” I am quite impressed by the variety of size, shape and color, though. 🙂

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