Giant mosquitoes called psorophora ciliata and nicknamed gallinippers discovered in Ontario

Pest management supervisor says long winter may reduce mosquito numbers around Saskatoon.

A new breed of humongous mosquitoes has now been detected in Ontario from Ottawa to the Niagara region.  Called Psorophora ciliata, and nicknamed Gallinippers, these mosquitoes are approximately 20 times the size of the mosquitoes we are used to.

This is another article about why some people get more mosquito bites than others.  Apparently they are attracted to the heat and sweat on our bodies and the carbon dioxide we exhale.  Eating certain foods has not been scientifically proven to attract or repel mosquitoes.

My brother took this picture of one of these mosquitoes he found at his home in Ingleside, Ontario.  You can see how large it is in comparison to the quarter it is lying on…

I hate using chemical concoctions on my skin, so look to more natural remedies or repellants.  I read recently that rubbing the leaves of a perennial geranium on your skin will repel mosquitoes.  The leaves do release a strong scent when touched, so it may work…

Another plant that repels mosquitoes but does not need to be rubbed on your skin is basil.  I just might plant some of that in my gardens at home and at the cottage.

6 thoughts on “Giant mosquitoes called psorophora ciliata and nicknamed gallinippers discovered in Ontario

  1. We have something similar, but as a child, I was told they were mosquito hawks and that they killed mosquitoes. Never saw one kill a mosquito, but I’ve never seen mosquitoes around them.

  2. I tried the geraniums leaves today, worked for about 30 minutes, but was so hot out I probably sweated the scent off my skin LOL

  3. Canada is pretty close, especially the Niagara region. Thank you for the heads up, just in case. Avon’s ‘Skin So Soft’, bath oil has been known to repel regular mosquitoes for years here in the states.

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