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Protect and cleanse your liver to improve your overall health

You should protect your liver as it is one of the most important organs in your body and essential for life.  Because it supports most of the other organs, a healthy liver is crucial for maintaining a healthy body.  Learn how to protect and cleanse your liver to improve your well being.

A damaged liver caused by bad habits is very serious and potentially fatal.  The following list of bad habits are the hardest on your liver:

  • alcohol consumption:  your body treats alcohol like a poison, so over consumption takes a heavy toll on the liver.
  • poor diet/overweight:  a poor diet that includes toxins from the foods and drinks you consume (sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives etc) causes your liver to overwork as it tries to process these toxins.  Too much fat in the diet causes a fatty liver, another way your liver can be stressed.
  • medication overload:  any artificial substance is toxic to the liver, including medicine.  Even over the counter medications like ibuprofen (advil) can damage your liver if taken in excess.
  • smoking:  tobacco smoke is known to harm your lungs, but it also damages your liver because the toxins inhaled in the smoke are processed in the liver. [1]
  • sleep deprivation:  insufficient sleep can cause many health issues, including stress on your liver.


The good news is that your liver has the amazing ability to rejuvenate itself when these bad habits are eliminated or modified.  The foods listed below have been shown to improve liver function and condition, improving your overall health.

What are you waiting for?  Protect and cleanse your liver today to improve your overall health.

Top 10 Best Foods to Cleanse Your Liver

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    1. hope it helps! I make a smoothie every morning that contains avocado, spinach, turmeric, cucumbers, green tea, frozen fruit, greek yogurt. Gives me incredible energy for the day without caffeine…

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