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Are you a purpleholic?

Are you a purpleholic?  I love the color purple, whether in clothing or flowers in my gardens.  In fact, i did say it was one of my favourite things in a previous post.   I did not realize how much though until someone asked me last week if I am a purpleholic. I was wearing a purple shirt, purple boots and carrying a purple purse at the time, so I guess the question was a fair one.   I laughed at the question, but I do gravitate towards purple anything.

This week I went to a salon to get a pedicure; guess what color I chose for my toenails?


DR 034a



12 thoughts on “Are you a purpleholic?

    1. funny you should say that! I asked my husband to paint a small powder room in a dark plum color. We did the ceiling too, but then changed the ceiling back to white because the room was too dark


  1. I have a teenaged daughter who has always loved pink and purple. If fact last year one day she wore blue and green to school and everyone asked if she was okay because she had always worn something pink and or purple everyday for as long as they could remember!

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