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Welcome to Kanata, Ontario, Canada

This post is in response to a challenge from Opinionated Man for bloggers to talk about their hometowns…

Kanata has a population of approximately 102,000 people.  It is the western suburb of Ottawa which is Canada’s capital city. Ottawa has a population of approximately 885,000 people, including those in Kanata. The name Kanata means village or settlement in the Iroquois language.  The name Canada is derived from the word Kanata.  Apparently settlers first heard the word Kanata and misspelled it when naming Canada.

Kanata is a great place to live as it is relatively quiet without the hustle and bustle of downtown Ottawa, but still close enough (20 minute drive) to the big city to enjoy it when and if you wish to.  Kanata is well known in the technology sector, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the north.

Kanata residents are proud to be the home of the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League (NHL)  Ottawa is definitely a hockey town, with thousands of minor and junior hockey teams on the ice from September to April.  Curling is also a popular winter sport here in Canada, especially amongst my family members.  In the summer months residents enjoy playing soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, lacrosse and more.  As the mother of three boys, my life does seem to revolve around sports.

We have four seasons here in Ottawa, each lasting three months on the calendar, but blending together much more gradually.  For example, we had snow here and lots of it well before the calendar said it was winter and are now waiting impatiently for spring to show its face.  Here are our four seasons in pictures:

SPRING…from March 21st to June 21st:

SUMMER: from June 21st to September 21st…

FALL or AUTUMN: from September 21st to December 21st…

and WINTER: from December 21st to March 21st…

I am the proud owner of a landscaping company called GARDENS4U so spend most of my time working in other peoples’ gardens. I’m sure you probably guessed my passion for gardening from the pictures I have included.  In the off season (which has been incredibly long this year) I work on the website for the company and write. My blog is the main venue for writing, but I have been dabbling in freelanced writing too this winter.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my life here in Kanata (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to Kanata, Ontario, Canada

    1. thanks for visiting, most of my pictures on file are of the gardens I work in, unfortunately the incredible amount of snow we currently have prevented me from taking scenic ones of Kanata

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  1. You really are east of me in Niagara Falls – either NY or Ontario. I had to look up where you were located. Although I greatly appreciate the garden images, I would love to see photos of the Kanata area.

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    1. i know, it was hard to take any with all the snow, it really has blanketed everything LOL, the only ones i have on file are my gardening ones.


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