Download a Free Kindle App for Your Tablet or Smartphone

If you are fortunate enough to own a Kindle you know how convenient it is to read books anywhere, anytime.  You simply download the Kindle version of a book and read it at your convenience.  Purchase a Kindle here and increase your reading opportunities.


For those of you who do not own a Kindle, and do not wish to purchase one, you can now download a free app for your smartphone or tablet to give you the advantage of a Kindle without owning one.   Download a free Kindle app for your tablet or your android phone today. 

Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Download a Free Kindle App for Your Tablet or Smartphone

  1. I LOVE my Kindle phone app. I thought about getting a Kindle for a long time, but downloaded the app instead. I’m glad I went that route. Now I always have my book with me, wherever I go.

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