Cold Weather, can one be Allergic to it?

cold weather

This is an old post, but still relevant, except for the hockey arena part. I am seriously starting to wonder if I am allergic to the cold weather we (too) often experience here in Ottawa, Canada.  As soon as I go outside my nose starts to drip. Seriously. December, January, and February are the worst, but I don’t mind saying I get tired of it. Fast. Usually, as soon as Christmas is over.

My body is not coping well with the cold, so it makes it difficult to want to go outside for anything that is not absolutely necessary. The cold is wreaking havoc with a perennial New Year’s resolution to get more exercise since walking is usually my main form of exercise between November and March when my gardens are covered in snow. To remedy this, I have taken up doing planks which are great for my muscles, especially the core muscles, but don’t contribute to the cardiovascular exercise I need. 

I know cold can aggravate conditions like Raynaud’s Phenomenon where blood flow is restricted to the body’s extremities when they get cold.  Cold can also aggravate arthritis causing joint painMy problem is neither of these conditions.  My whole body seems to ache when I get cold.  If my feet get cold, the aching pain starts in my feet and ankles but then moves up my legs to my hips too.  The pain actually feels like my bones are aching.  Sitting in a cold car or cold hockey arena watching my son play can easily set the aching off.  When this happens I find heat and Advil are the only remedies.  I purchased a click heat pad recently; it works great…

You simply press the small metal disc that is floating inside the heating pad to activate it.  As soon as the disc is pressed, the pad heats up and gets firm.  It stays warm for hours, so you can move it around to heat all of your achy body parts.  When it cools off, all you have to do is place the pad in boiling water to return it to its liquid state. 

 Click Heat comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes. If you think you may be allergic to cold weather too, pick up your heat pad.

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10 thoughts on “Cold Weather, can one be Allergic to it?

  1. These pads are cool. I saw them in the mall. I hope they make you feel warm.
    I feel the same in cold weather. Growing up in India, We didn’t have this much cold. And living in Florida for 3 years pampered us more. And I always think I am a cold blooded animal. My toes are always cold even inside the socks.

    1. Same here. I don’t know if you will be interested in this, but here is link for one of the post for people like us. It’s about ayurvedic (indian ancient medicine) approach for people who are more prone to cold weather.
      I hope you will find it helpful.

  2. Cold is one of the many reasons my family moved from Minnesota to California – no snow. There’s an old saying in my family: “If you can see snow, you’re just too close.”

  3. And I am the complete opposite. Cant seem to get cool enough. It is not just menopause as I have been this way frya

  4. I find that most of us are not well suited to extremes of temperature. It’s been pretty hot around Australia lately and we can complain about that too although not as much as I hear against the cold. We are spending more time indoors at the moment as the sun is very intense and burning outside. Our kids do water scouts where they are out there on the water under that frying sun for hours and I really have legitimate concerns. I used to take them to the beach in summer at 6.00pm just before sunset to conserve their skin.

  5. Interesting post! I’m particularly aggravated by mountain cedar, and here in Texas, this is a great time because for once, my nose isn’t a faucet and my eyes aren’t semi-bloodshot. It gets awful in May/June/July/August. So I’m preparing…

    But of course, my winter is a bit different, the coldest I’ve experienced this year being 34 degrees Fahrenheit. While I’m most energetic in the winter, I’m quite lethargic during the fall. Thank you for sharing about the Click Heat. Not only does it seem easy to use, but it also sounds like the product works.

    Also, thanks for your visit and follow! I’m looking forward to reading more of your site!

  6. I hate it when people complain about sunny weather, you should come to the UK where it is 15C sometimes in winter but it is the most depressing thing you could ever experience because its just SO dull. Its not even worth getting out of bed sometimes. I’d gladly swap 15C and gloomy and cold anyway with -18C and bright. In contrast, when we get 15C in the summer, it is the best thing so warm and sunny.

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