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The Versatile Blogger Award


I am honored to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  This award appears to be generated by other bloggers who wish to promote their visibility within the blogging community.  It reminds me of the “chain letters” we used to send around; add your own name to the list then send the list out to your contacts that are not yet on the list, requesting that they add their name and send the list on.  Most of these older version of chain letters promoted sharable things like recipes, but one actually requested I send out a pair of panties to everyone on the list!  A little too creepy for my taste…

Back to the blogging community and the award…it is always an honor to be nominated by like minded individuals for your contribution to something you are passionate about.   I used to write, mostly fiction, way back in high school in a writers club of sorts. Since then I have a tendency to critique the grammar, sentence structure, word choice, etc in every book, article, or other piece of writing that I read.  I started blogging with the intention of promoting my new gardening business, GARDENS4U but then started sharing advice about my allergy to wheat.  As my followers grew in number, so did my topics. I also wrote a book last winter about the struggles I had with my pregnancies G9P3A3.

I live in a suburb (Kanata) of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  I was born and raised in a small town nearby.   My blog name LORIEB (pronounced loreebee) was inspired by the hockey players I was team manager for a few years back.  As there were a few moms named Lori on the team, I was deemed Lori B, the e is for my middle initial.

Today, the purpose of my blog is to reach many different walks of life through a large variety of topics. I find it fascinating how small the world is becoming through social media; so easy to connect with people everywhere.  I do realize that my posts can sometimes be referred to as rants, but they always relate to something I have experienced; the good things and the not so good things.  Some posts are informative, some are just for fun.  Some I wrote for a shark I met on that was supposed to pay me but never did.  He sold the articles though, and I got ripped off, so I posted them on my blog so they would no longer pass copyscape.  I worked for 30 years in the healthcare industry, so many of my posts have a medical aspect.  My Inspiration for most of my posts comes from my life; when I have an idea for a post I scribble it down on a piece of paper if my laptop is not handy.  If it is handy, I create a new post, add the thought to the title area, then save the draft until I can get back to it to flesh it out.  My list of drafts typically consists of at least five “ideas”.

So, thank you to THE HUT OWNER for my nomination and best of luck to him, my fellow nominees, and the nominees I am adding to the list.  As new nominees, you must follow a few rules to keep the chain going…

  • 1.Show the award on your Blog
  • 2.Tell something about yourself
  • 3. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.
  • 4. Share some facts of life leading to your blogging or what made you blog
  • 5. Nominate 15 persons
  • 6. Link your nominees to let them know.

My nominees are as follows:

Please keep on posting.  I hope to continue reading your stories and admiring your photography!

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