Follow the Red Leaved Trail

I snapped this picture of colorful leaves while out for a stroll recently, enjoying the beautiful fall weather we have been fortunate to have in Ottawa.  It was too nice outside to wait inside the cold arena for our son’s hockey game to start…


I see another beautiful display of red fall leaves on the way to and from my son’s school these past few weeks here in Ottawa.  These red maples are only a few years old, but already add an impressive splash of color along this street.  I can only imagine how spectacular it will look ten years from now…

IMG680_edited-1          IMG681_edited-1

2 thoughts on “Follow the Red Leaved Trail

  1. What gorgeous color! I have been enjoying some subtle changes in color, but I would probably drive off the road if I had these beautiful trees in my daily route! Distracting in the very best way! 🙂

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