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The Best Things About Working in Someone Else’s Garden…

I am very fortunate in my business Gardens4u to be able to work in other people’s gardens.  Why?  Because I learn a lot, and we are never too old to learn…

  • I discover new plants, some I have never seen or heard of before and some I have just never tried in my gardens.  For example, I had never heard of montbretia and never seen verbascum, both beautiful perennials I will be sure to add to my gardens:
  • I discover new ways to improve my own gardens.  For example, one client whose garden I just finished getting ready for winter dumps the soil from her various and many pots of annuals into a wheelbarrow, adds some mulch, then spreads the whole mixture around her gardens.  The soil in her gardens is extremely nice to work with!  Mine is heavy with clay, so any suggestions to improve it are greatly appreciated.  Anyone who enjoys gardening knows a garden is always a work in progress.
  • I can admire, and perhaps copy, other ideas for whimsical touches in the gardens.  These whimsical touches are what makes each garden unique and special to the owner.
  • I am often offered clumps of plants I admire as well as seeds from the spent flower heads.  I do love to experiment with new seed varieties!  I share most of these clumps of plants with other clients, but have stuck a few in empty spaces in my gardens.
  • I get paid to play in the dirt!  One of my neighbours laughed at me returning from work very muddy one day, and suggested I need an outdoor shower.
  • Gardening is great exercise!  As long as I remember to stretch properly before and after my hours in the various gardens, I can handle up to six hours a day, and can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in!  Basic Yoga poses are my favourite stretches…
  • yoga
  • I meet new and interesting people.  I am definitely a people person, and one of the things I miss most about my old job in the health care industry is the social interaction.
  • Too bad my season is winding down.  I will have to find another way to keep in shape over the winter months…

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