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Autumn Colors: Yellow, Orange and Red, oh My!

The best part of autumn is the colors of the trees; the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds with the dark, majestic background of evergreen trees and the brilliant blue sky are spectacular in this part of the world:

I snapped these beautiful pictures as we travelled to and from our cottage to tend to the necessary end of season chores.  The docks are out, the water is turned off, the pipes are drained of water and refilled with anti-freeze, boats are stored etc.  These activities are part of the reason I dislike autumn; they signify the end of summer.

Travel with me and enjoy the scenery on the long and winding road through rural Ontario:

In my gardens and those I tend to, autumn brings a not so colorful change to the plants.  Annuals wither and die as soon as we get an overnight frost, and perennials put all their energy into hibernating for the winter.  Some perennials die right back to the ground, others get brown, crispy and wispy, blowing in the wind; waiting for Mother Nature to rejuvenate them in the spring.  Some perennials thrive in this cooler weather however, holding off their bloom time until autumn when most other plants in the landscape are dull and dreary:

No matter how vibrant and picturesque the autumn colors are, I always look forward to spring!

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