Gardens4u Creates Curb Appeal

This past summer one of my larger projects was to create curb appeal for a couple thinking of selling their home.  The home is beautiful, but the front yard lacked curb appeal with no landscaping (other than lawn) to attract buyers to the home.  The owners contacted Gardens4U to help them create the curb appeal that their real estate agent suggested to add a welcoming touch and increase the value of their home. These pictures show the process…

Although the red is not my preferred color of mulch, it does match the brick on the house and makes the landscaping stand out, which is the image the homeowners wanted to portray.  The perennials and shrubs planted are well spaced and young, keeping the cost down and the garden relatively maintenance free.  Weeds will be kept to a minimum with the use of mulch, so any that do appear between the plants will be easily identified for removal.  As the plants grow to their mature size, the spacing between them will still be sufficient to prevent an overgrown, neglected appearance.

The front entranceway between the driveway and veranda was reconstructed by the homeowner from a small cement block for the step with boring cement slabs as the sidewalk to a beautiful flagstone design including a large step leading up to the veranda.

This home now looks very welcoming and updated, with the promise of a mature garden in seasons to come.  The homeowners love the look so much, they may decide to stay awhile!

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