Free Tomato Plant

I have found many things in a bag of potting (or other types) of soil, but this tomato plant was a surprise.  I first noticed a few leaves poking out of one corner the bag of soil and thought it was a weed as I have encountered many kinds of weeds in bags of soil in my business.  I decided to wait to see what developed and was amazed to see a tomato blossom on the plant a few weeks later.  I left the small amount of soil in the corner of the bag undisturbed so the plant could continue to grow, and sure enough tomatoes have sprouted!  The tomatoes are still small and green and will probably not ripen in the limited sunlight they are growing in, but I will wait a bit longer to see how big they do grow.


One thought on “Free Tomato Plant

  1. How serendipitous! What a nice surprise. My vegetable garden isn’t doing very well this summer. It’s way to hot and I can’t keep up with the watering! And I have never found a surprise in my potting soil bag. Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention! 🙂

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