Top Reasons to Garden in the Rain



Here are my top reasons to garden in the rain:

-the mosquitoes do not like the rain either.

-the weeds come out easily, with the whole root attached (see pictures above)

-your sunscreen does not sweat into your eyes.  Be sure to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days.

-it is generally cooler when it is raining, so you do not get as hot or dehydrated.

-the soil is nice and wet, great for digging holes when transplanting plants that need to be moved as well as for planting new ones.

-newly spread grass seed will stay put instead of blowing away in the wind or baking in the sun.

– if the weatherman is calling for more rain in the forecast, you do not have to water the plants or seed you just planted.


-when the sun does come out, instead of spending time gardening, you can relax and enjoy your efforts!


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