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My Latest Garden Renovation

I have finally completed this garden renovation.  I started working on this large garden late last summer; it was full of overgrown perennials (mostly huge hostas and fall sedums) weeds and grass.  It took a week and a half just to get all the overgrown plants out and divided.  I had to enlist the help of my son to help dig out some of the large hostas as they were close to four feet in diameter!  The sedums were not much smaller.

As I hate to throw any plants out, I used most of the hostas along the walkway into the client’s backyard, planted among the riverrock at the edge of the sidewalk.  They survived the winter and look great this spring.

Although I got caught in a few thunderstorms and had to run for cover, the wet soil was ideal for planting a variety of new perennials and transplanting the ones I wanted to keep.

I was surprised that all of the plants survived the harsh winter we had.  This spring I dug out the new crop of weeds and grass, then covered the exposed soil around the well spaced plants with a nice thick layer of mulch.  I use cedar mulch because I love the smell of it, especially when you are watering the garden.  I prefer the dark brown or black color of mulch because it is closest to the color of earth in a freshly watered garden.  This mulch will help keep the weeds out of the garden and keep the plants from drying out in the hots days of summer.

I look forward to visiting this garden next season after the plants get a chance to spread out into their new homes.  Spacing them well apart now will ensure they do not end up in another overgrown, jungle-like setting any time soon.


One thought on “My Latest Garden Renovation

  1. What a lovely garden! So much green… *sigh* 🙂 I also find it just incredible that winter doesn’t just destroy it all! Isn’t nature remarkably resilient! Beautiful work, Lori!


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