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My Art Gallery…

Have you spent a lot of time looking for artwork for your home?  Much like filling a home with furniture, whether redecorating or updating your old home or decorating a new one, unique and inexpensive artwork is hard to find.  If you read my previous post about the furniture I found/purchased last winter you will know how particular I am when it comes to shopping.

This winter artwork for my living room was on my to do list.  I searched through most of the stores in the Ottawa area, as well as on the internet, looking for the perfect picture to be hung above my new sofa.  Even though I had a vision in my head of what I wanted, I could not find it anywhere.  I love a large picture of Monet’s waterlilies on stretched canvas I found years ago for over the bed in our master bedroom, so thought I could find something similar for the living room.  No luck.  What I did find however, are many websites that can turn your JPEGs into artwork.  You can choose from many varieties, including the unframed stretched canvas look I was envisioning.  I found some pictures I had taken in my garden last summer, touched them up with Adobe photoshop, and sent them electronically to Posterjack, one of the companies mentioned earlier.  Within 5 days, I received my new artwork.  My only complaint is that I wish I had ordered larger sizes; they are gorgeous!  I could be talked into selling these and re-ordering larger ones for myself if anyone is interested…


A few years ago I also made customized artwork from an old book of botanicals that my grandmother gave me when she moved out of her home.  The book is so old that the pages are coming loose from the binding.  I copied and enlarged the pictures using a colored copier at Staples, then chose mats and frames to compliment the colors and the decor of my family room…






For a third, customized artwork project I used JPEGs of pictures I had taken in Hawaii years ago, enlarged them at Costco,  chose a different mat color to compliment each scene from Wallack’s art supplies store, then framed them and hung them up in my home…


If you are looking for new artwork or to update the existing artwork in your home, give it a try.  It is an inexpensive and easy way to use all those pictures you have stored in a shoe box somewhere to make yourself custom-made, unique and memorable pieces of art…

2 thoughts on “My Art Gallery…

  1. You made some good choices, I think! I have been wanting to send a couple of my photos to Costco for the wrap around canvas. I have to put very light objects in the bedroom because of earthquakes. I won’t have a big frame anywhere near where I sleep. So you’ve encouraged me to get going. I have been talking about this now for about a year. 🙂


    1. good luck! Costco does not do the wrap around canvas here(they only provide framing and laminating services) I sent my JPEGs to posterjack for the canvas.


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