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Snow, snow and more snow…


I have been using snow shoveling as my main form of exercise this winter, but the snow banks are now so high I cannot risk injuring my 53+ year old back by throwing the newly accumulated snow to the tops of the banks.  So today I shoveled the snow to the sides of my driveway and tried to start our snow blower to blow the piled snow over the banks.  Unfortunately i could not get the darned snow blower started (as is often the case with this beast) so left the snow piles along the edges of my driveway for one of my sons or husband to finish off when they return from work.

Imagine my surprise when, coming out of the shower, I heard a noise much like that of a snow blower outside my house.  I looked out the window to see my neighbor from a few doors down blowing the snow piles over the banks with his snow blower.  He must have heard my futile attempts at starting our snow blower.

We have a few recently retired gentlemen on our street that have been wonderful at helping their neighbors blow out their driveways this winter.  It is especially heart warming and greatly appreciated after the snow plough has gone by and left a huge pile of snow chunks at the bottom of the driveways.

2 thoughts on “Snow, snow and more snow…

  1. This is so something my husband would do. LOL! He’d risk a heart attack, but he’d be out there shoveling the snow for neighbors if he saw the need. Older men can be very chivalrous. I am so glad you have had some kindness shoveled your way! 🙂


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