Superbowl Disappointment in New Jersey

Thankfully Bruno Mars’ half time show was worth the watch; the game itself was a disappointment.  Unless of course, you are a Seattle Seahawks fan…

Denver Bronco’s superstar quarterback Peyton Manning never got his game on.  A turnover on the first play of the game resulted in a safety for the Seahawks and things only got worse for him from there. Manning and the rest of the Broncos threw interceptions and fumbled the ball repeatedly, with the Seahawks scoring on many of these mistakes.  I believe there were six turnovers in all, including two badly thrown interceptions.

The MVP of the game was awarded to Malcolm Smith from the Seahawks’ dominating defensive squad, a great choice as it was obvious that  the league’s top offense (Broncos) was no match for the league’s top defense (Seahawks)   The only glimpse of the Bronco’s offensive finesse came late in the game with a touchdown pass from Manning to Damaryius Thomas.  Unfortunately for the Broncos and their fans it was too little, too late…

The Seahawks however showed scoring ability from many players, both offensive and defensive.  An early interception by Kam Chancellor resulted in a run down the field followed by a subsequent touchdown by Marshall Lynch.  A second interception saw Malcolm Smith pick off another errant pass from Manning followed by a 69 yard run  into the end zone.   A magnificent 87 yd. kick return by Percy Harvin gave the Seahawks yet another touchdown.  Quarterback Russell Wilson hit receiver Jermaine Kearse with a few spectacular throws, one of which resulted in a touchdown and another coming very close.  Kicker Steven Hauschka did his job with two field goals and the extra points on each touchdown.

This was a first superbowl win for the Seattle Seahawks.   I do like to see the underdog win. Congratualtions to their players and fans.

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