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G9P3A3…..My Book has been Published!

I started writing this book many years ago the first time I was pregnant.  My doctor urged me to record my thoughts in a journal when the first pregnancy ended in stillbirth.   Years, many pregnancies, and much more gray hair later, I came across the journal while cleaning one day and decided to transfer the thoughts to my computer.  Just recently, at the urging of a friend who happens to be a new author, I checked out createspace, a website designed to help people publish books.

Createspace was very easy to use, and cost me nothing.   You can choose to pay for upgraded details (covers, editing help etc) but the basic, free version is what I used.   They create and promote the book and only print what is purchased online as they are purchased.  You decide the price you want to charge and then receive a royalty for each book sold, they keep the rest for the cost of creating, promoting, shipping etc.

Before I knew it, I was published…please check it out:

If you are thinking of writing a book, but are concerned about sinking money you may not retrieve into the project, Createspace is the site for you.  Visit and get started today, you have nothing to lose!


43 thoughts on “G9P3A3…..My Book has been Published!

  1. It’s so wonderful that you found a place to get your book published–your story told! I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’m amazed at all the platforms that make it possible for people to connect around their personal stories. ox

    1. thanks for the support, this book was written well after the successful birth of my three sons (my eldest just turned 25) but it was quite a journey!

  2. Congratulations! I am thinking of becoming a writer and knowing that this website is out there is really great news! Looking forward to reading your book!

    1. The G is for gravidity (pregnant 9 times) the P is for parity (3 stillbirths) and A is for abortus (3 miscarriages) The codes have changes over the years, but that is what I was labelled as.

  3. This is great. I’m looking at writing a book, though every time I end up worry about publishing, promoting and the logistics. So this comes as great help. Though right now the biggest challenge is to finish my book! Good luck to you!

  4. Congratulations! When I have money again, I plan on purchasing a copy of your book. I wish I had thought of writing my thoughts in a journal after my first miscarriage. Or even my second. I’m sure your words will help me in the long-overdue healing process.
    Congrats again! 🙂

    1. no, I grew up in Cornwall, but have lived in Ottawa for past 33 years. Jason has been helping me get attention for the book, even though it was written 2 years ago

        1. I found that out when i googled my book name, was not supposed to represent a postal code LOL. It is my pregnancy history code, G is for number of pregnancies, P is for stillbirths and A is for miscarriages. At least that was my code then, the codes have changed since then

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