Happy 30th Anniversary to Us

These mock boarding passes were under the tree for my husband and I this year to show us what our three sons have been planning for our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary…


Our eldest son informed us that they have been saving their money since our last anniversary  to send us on a trip this coming year.  Our 30th wedding anniversary is actually May 19th, 2014 but as the tickets say, we can go anytime and anywhere we want in this wonderful world.   The only stipulations are that the trip must be outside of North America and somewhere we have never been before…

How awesome is this??  I hate to brag, but do I not have the greatest, most thoughtful  sons ever??

Decisions, decisions…….


One thought on “Happy 30th Anniversary to Us

  1. How exciting! What generosity and thoughtfulness from your sons. I am going to enjoy hearing about where you choose to go. You will definitely have something to look forward to in the new year. 🙂

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