A Thanksgiving Miracle

Andrew & Vickie, Nov 2013

My sister Vickie’s 20 year old son suffered a stroke two weeks ago in Corpus Christi Texas and must now undergo extensive therapy to recuperate.We are very thankful he survived the ordeal and very hopeful he will eventually recover to 100%.   After a three week hospital stay, he was able to go home for the holidays; truly a thanksgiving miracle.

As you can probably imagine, the expense of his therapy is staggering. Most of our family lives here in Canada, but my sister, her three children and her three grandchildren live in Texas.  Bank accounts have been set up, one in Canada at Scotiabank and one in the USA at Bank of America, to collect donations to help with the cost of his medical bills.

If you wish to donate please contact me.  Please share this message through facebook, email, or by the old fashioned “word of mouth” with anyone you think can help. Thank you in advance for your support, it is greatly appreciated!


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