Identify my Mystery Plant

Can anyone tell me what this plant is that has appeared in my garden for the past five years or so?  It starts off as two tiny leaves early in the spring, quickly growing to about eight feet tall with small orchid-like pink flowers and thick, sturdy, hollow stems:

mystery plant2 mystery plant

This mystery plant is quite pretty so I let it fill a few bare spots at the back of my garden.  It is very shallow rooted, so easy to pull out of any spots I do not want it.  I am assuming it is a perennial as it shows up each year.

I would appreciate it if someone could identify this mystery for me…


10 thoughts on “Identify my Mystery Plant

  1. Well, I don’t know what it is, but I have it in my old garden too! And I’m trying to identify it so I can get some for this garden – it was such an impressive plant!

  2. This is called a ” policeman’s helmet” and is EXTREMELY invasive, some states have it listed under their noxious weeds!

  3. The plant is an annual which profusely spits out seeds to china and you are saddled with thousands even in the grass. They are lovely plants. I had two names given to me and one is African orchids which I really doubt is the name. The other is Calleda Himalayan orchid which I came across your photo of this plant. I looked at all the image of this plant and only your photo is spot on. I just did some more research while writing this article and it is a Himalayan Balsam orchid. Enjoy. Now we can both rest

    1. You have to transplant them early when they appear where you want them in the location of choice. I do this when they appear in February march here. They don’t like to be crowded and will not grow as high as much as they are single spaced. Check up Himalayan Balsam Orchid on the net to see if this name suits you. Be well

  4. Yes I saw the comments after I posted. I am satisfied that Himalayan Balsam Orchid is the name of the plant. Yes I see by the comments that one person used a latin name and then the name I provided. Be well

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