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Rain Rain go Away, this Gardening Girl wants to Play..

It’s raining again today in the Ottawa area, and has been raining steady since my son took to the soccer field last evening at 630.  His  muddy cleats are waiting to dry out on the front veranda so we can get the dirt from half the soccer field off them before they come into the house!

I have gardening to get to today, but the plan to trade sod for soil in two gardens on a client’s front yard, is promising to be a messy/muddy project.  Not that I’m afraid of a little dirt; a client I worked for last week in the rain told me I would make a great candidate for a Tide commercial…

In this week’s project, the sod is being removed from one and transferred to the second; the soil is being removed from the second and transferred to the first.  After that, I will amend the soil with some triple mix (peat moss, soil and compost) to give the new garden a fresh start.  Tomorrow is planting and mulching day, but of course that depends on how much gardening I get done today! Yesterday was supposed to be rainy, but the rain held off long enough for me to get the sod dug up.  All the rain in the past week actually made it easier to dig the sod up in nice transferable chunks, but enough rain already!

I just noticed that my silver lace vine on my side gate that leads to my backyard is in bloom. It looks nice, but it is not supposed to bloom until September!  I guess the cool weather has fooled it too, hopefully it will still bloom when it is supposed to; it makes a great fall showpiece.

As my mother used to say, this rainy weather is great if you are a duck!   I’m getting out my rain gear, although my rain coat might still be soggy from the weekend…

Lorieb is the mother of three sons, residing in Kanata (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada.  She is the proud owner of GARDENS4U, and spends most of her time designing, planting, and restoring gardens.  Her other interests include reading and writing.  Please check out her website at

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