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Rabbit Poop is great for your Garden!

I have noticed one thing in common in the gardens I have worked in this spring: lots of rabbit poop! There seems to have been an explosion in the rabbit population in my Kanata suburb of Ottawa. I see quite a few rabbits on my evening walks through our neighborhood  so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the increased amount of rabbit poop in the gardens…

The good news is that rabbit poop is great for your garden. Unlike cow, sheep or chicken manure that is considered “hot” requiring an aging or composting process before use so it doesn’t burn your plants, rabbit poop is “cold” requiring no such process before use.  The other advantage is that it only has a mild smell to it.  The smell actually brings back childhood memories of the pet rabbits my father used to bring home each spring at Easter time.

So, just dig it into the soil between the plants, providing a nitrogen rich fertilizer for your garden. You can also add a pile of poop to your composter as a nitrogen layer, or make compost tea by adding a pile of poop to a bucket of water, stirring well and frequently for a few days and then pouring the “tea” onto your garden.

Any way you use it, rabbit poop is a free and convenient fertilizer for your garden!

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