Music is the Universal Language

There is no doubt that music is the universal language.  I have just returned from Earl of March High School where the junior and senior bands performed for an enthusiastic audience consisting of kindergarten through grade six students from Roland Michener Elementary School.

It was heart warming to see the response from the audience, ranging from the mere toe tapping of the older students that were mostly slumped in their seats, to the wiggling, bouncing, dancing, arm waving, younger kids that were perched on the edges of their seats.  The diversity of students present from both schools proved that  music is indeed the universal language, capturing the interest of all ages as well as all ethnic backgrounds.

It is unfortunate in this era of budget cuts that music is one of the first programs schools lose, especially when it has been proven that students who are encouraged to develop their music skills in school have better grades in mathematics and other subjects.

Kudos to Andrea Lypchuk, Krista Norton and Gord Birkenshaw, the dedicated music teachers from EOM, for sharing  their obvious love of music with their students,  and to Cassia Lane, the principal of Rolland Michener school, for enticing her students into a school music program.  Each of these teachers must be commended for recognizing the important role that music, the universal language, plays in the lives of our children.



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