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Customized Vitamin and Mineral Cocktails

If you, like me, hesitate to take pills to supplement your diet, consider creating your own customized vitamin and mineral cocktail to get only the benefits you need without the negative side effects.  For years I have found that every pill (including vitamins and medicine ) I take gives me side effects much worse than the benefits.   I would much prefer to get the  vitamins and/or minerals I need in my food from natural sources like fruit and vegetables, instead of supplementing my diet with pills.  As I get older my list of ailments and health issues grows, but I still feel that I would like to treat and/or prevent only these specific issues…

Years ago, I began making breakfast smoothies for my sons to ensure they started their school day off well.  Check out one of my earliest posts.  Their smoothies have evolved over the years to suit their needs, but they still love them and it still gives me comfort knowing they are well on their way to their daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables every morning.

Smoothie Ingredients by Symptoms

I have since started making my own customized vitamin and mineral cocktails.  To find out which ingredients to use, I researched each of my own personal health issues to find out the recommended vitamin and/or mineral.  I then continued the research to find out  the best food source for each of the  vitamins/minerals on my list.  The following chart is customized  for my own ailments and health concerns with the vitamin or mineral and the best food source (suitable for a smoothie) to combat each ailment/concern:

ArthritisALA (omega 3) Spinach, chia seed, flax seed oil
 Quercetin Citrus, green tea, dark cherries/berries
 Collagen Nuts, seeds, green tea, red/blue berries, vitamin C, gelatin
 Cumin/turmeric Cumin/turmeric/curry powder
Bone densityAlkaline mineralsCalciumSpinach, thyme, molasses, almond milk, dairy products
  ManganeseCloves, dark chocolate
  MagnesiumCoriander, dark chocolate, almonds
  IronSpinach, molasses
  PotassiumSpinach, avocado, bananas
EnergyCo-Q10 Spinach, avocado, parsley, red/blue berries
CancerResveratrol Dark berries, dark chocolate, red grape skins
 Quercetin See above
 Pterostillbene Blueberries, spinach
MenopauseVitamin D Almond milk, dairy milk
 Ginseng Ginseng drops/tea
 Phytoestrogens Flax seed oil, dark cherries
Memory & Brain FogPterostillbene See above
 Resveratrol See above
 Omega 3s See above
Immune SystemCo-Q10 See above
 Quercetin see above
Co-ordinationResveratrol See above
CholesterolPterostillbene See above
DigestionAlkaline minerals See above
CirculationCo-Q10 See above
Toxin Removal (antioxidants)Alkaline minerals See above

My Personal Concoction

My personal, customized cocktail contains fresh organic baby spinach, chia seed, flax seed oil, lemon juice, green tea, dark cherries, blueberries, almond milk, strawberries, cumin or turmeric, molasses, dark chocolate, coriander and avocado.  I created my own recipe from the researched  ingredients  that I like and have easy access to, but there were many more to choose from. 

Research your own needs, pick your favorite ingredients, and whip up your own delicious customized vitamin and mineral cocktail today!

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